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Customer Rating : Price : $29.95 $14.95

Description : Biotin Is a B Vitamin Found In A Wide Variety Of Food Sources. Biotin Is Necessary For Cell Growth, And The Metabolism Of Amino Acids And Fats. Biotin Can Help Supplement Skin, Hair, And Nail Care, Increasing Hair And Nail Growth. This Is The Only Biotin Vegetable Liquid Softgel On The Market.*

Customer Review :

This product is amazing! The pill is really small and easy to swallow and it has worked great for me! In the pictures you can see my progress in only one month. I would recommend this to anyone. :) Read More  


 Customer Rating : Price : $6.99

Description : Tropic isle&aposs dwelling jamaican black castor oil is a wealthy, gentle brown oil that is processed the old school approach by means of roasting the castor bean.

Customer Review :

This oil has so many uses - but I use this on my scalp. This is wonderful for hair growth and strengthening plus it's a great moisturizer! Just rub this on the scalp a couple of times a day and you will be AMAZED! This oil is thick and not runny, if you don’t like the smell or thickness you can mix with other carrier oils....Read More


 Customer Rating :        Price : $97.95 $65.38

Description : Revolutionary hair regrowth serum that provides the necessary nutrients to reduce the hair loss rate and encourages maximum results. Clinically proven to reverse years of damage and fight the signs of hair loss. Provides more rapid results than Minoxidil.

Customer Review :

Bought this product for my dad. New hair started growing, when he started using this product. He's full happy now. Got the result after some weeks of usage. Now he's feeling confident with new healthy hair. I'm happy that he's happy. Totally an effective product. I will recommend it to others...Read More


 Customer Rating :        Price :  $39.95$49.95

Description : #1 HIGHEST QUALITY Virgin Argan Oil 100% Pure EcoCert Certified Organic. Moroccan Ancient Beauty Secret Produced Organically.

Customer Review :

This is my first experience using argan oil on my skin. I was nervous adding oil to my face because I have had problems with blackheads my whole life. I've been using it approximately one week and so far I love it. It absorbs to a nongreasy, healthy glow & my face is extremely soft. I also applied a small amount to my hair & it is very soft with a high shine. I will definitely purchase again. Read More


 Customer Rating :        Price : $79.99

Description : Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx DHT Blocking Hair Loss Hair Growth Nutrient Solubilized Keratin Vitamin Supplement

Customer Review :

I don't understand how, but this works. I used it for a month to try it and forgot about it. Then about 6 weeks into the medication, I noticed I had some stubborn hairs that would not style. Well that was because they were new hairs that were too short and stubby to bend with the other longer hairs! Read More


 Customer Rating :        Price : $21.49

Description : Omega 3 for Dogs, Fish Oil for Dogs 180 Softgels w/ Pure Natural Fatty Acids Dogs Love. Premium Select Grade (Puppies Adults All Breeds & Ages.) Helps Allergies, Heart, Coat, Joint & Brain Function

Customer Review :

This supplement is pretty great quality. I definitely like how it comes in a gel cap rather than a hard pill or something of the sort. Also I like that there is no funny odd smells with this. My dog is pretty small, so some times I end up putting canine peanut butter on it but usually she takes it like that about every other day. NOw my other dog some times I have to hide it in some meat or something...... Read More


 Customer Rating : icon-star-4.7        Price : $229.99 

Description : The Mild and Therapeutic massage Remedy hairbrush by means of Shiny Remedy® makes use of each LED Mild Remedy and Therapeutic massage to lend a hand customers succeed in more healthy hair, really feel extra comfy and detangle hair. Contains In-built 5 minute timer and rechargeable battery.

Customer Review :

This is a rather awesome piece of equipment and one my husband is excited to see the results from. This can be used by those who have hair loss or just by those who would like to make their hair healthier. I am using it for the later and my husband is using it for hair loss. We both brush our hair for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night. That is all it takes and one you have done this for 30 - 60 days you can start to just do this every other day. Read More


 Customer Rating : icon-star-4.7        Price : $17.97$12.99

Description : The Scalp Massager will ship tingling sensations from scalp to ft and delivery you to a extra enjoyable place. The customized have compatibility arms will bend to suit your head. Lightly carry and decrease the Scalp Massager for a soothing therapeutic massage.....

Customer Review :

I'd never tried one of these scalp massagers before, and only ordered it so I could get free super saver shipping on an order. For $3 and change, I figured what the heck! So last night I opened the package and tried it out. I was sighing in contentment when my daughter (age 24) told me to please stop making those noises - it made her uncomfortable to hear her mother groaning like that. This thing is wonderful. And it works on knees and shoulders also! Any "round" area of your body. I'm going to buy a bunch more for holiday stocking stuffers. What a great idea!!! Read More


 Customer Rating : icon-star-4.7        Price : $35.99

Description : The ONLY 100% Natural Preservative Anti-Hair Loss Formula with Broad-Spectrum DHT Blockers (15+ DHT Blocking Ingredients)USDA Biobased Certified Ingredients (90%+), Organic Ingredients, No SLS (Sulfates). No Parabens. No Chemical Preservatives. Supports Healthy Scalp, Hair Follicles & Cell Growth....

Customer Review :

I was skeptical when I purchased this shampoo 3 months ago. So skeptical that I took a before and after picture to see if it was working. I had pretty full hair until I became of a certain age. Slowly I could see my hair thinning, especially in the front. I went to a dermatologist who told me there was not much I could do. I wanted to tell myself that it wasn't true but I would not only find hair all over the shower but everywhere else, too. As far as me, I shampoo daily and have for many years..... Read More